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The Accademia Musicale Chigiana organizes the Settimana Musicale Senese in July.

The Fortezza Medicea and other venues play host to Siena Jazz, a festival recognised worldwide and organized by the Associazione Siena Jazz in July and August.

Different venues such as the Abbazia di San Galgano and Abbazia di Sant’Antimo, both outside Siena are the venues for the Estate Musicale Chigiana that the Accademia organizes in July, August and September (tel. 0577 2 20 91).

The Festa di Santa Cecilia is held in November. Performances and exhibitions are organized in honour of the patron saint of musicians.

Caffè del Corso (Bianchi di Sopra 25) is a café during the day and in the evening the bar transforms into a stage for up and coming musicians, a lovely relaxed atmosphere.

Get ready to dance all night long at Al Cambio Via di Pantaneto 48 (closed Sun).

The palio is a medieval celebration which involves dressing up in historic costumes, horse races, food, drink and much fun... The contrade (districts ) of Siena, in fact 10 out of 17, enter the biannual competition. The contrade are distinguished by colours and animals that represent each. Rivalry between the contrade is so fierce that sometimes street fights are the order of the day! It is the horse arriving first ( with or without rider) who decides which district wins.
It is very difficult to find a good place to watch the race since the square is not huge and cannot accommodate all the excited crowds. You will need to arrive at least 4 hours before the start to find a place, or sit at a cafe or shop around the piazza, or just sit back in your apartment and watch it on TV.
In case you want to see the spectacle in just 20 minutes,  Cinema Moderno (tel. 0577 28 92 01; Piazza Tolomei; open 10am-5pm) shows it on film.

Several agencies organize tours in and around Siena. Among them are:

Hortibus (tel. 348 910 07 83; www.hortibus.com) offering tours to gardens and villas.

Treno Natura (tel. 0577 20 74 13; www.ferrovieturistiche.it (May-Jun and Sep-Oct)  travels Siena, Asciano, Val d'Orcia and Stazione di Monte Antico and offers a new way to see the stunning Tuscan landscape

Ecco Siena tours Siena town (tel. 05774 32 73; Mar-Oct).