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How to Get to/around/from

How to Get to /around/from

By bus: the terminal is Piazza Gramsci, where,below, you will find SENA and Tra-in ticket offices and a left luggage. To Florence (length: 1 ¼ hours, services: up to 30 daily), San Gimignano(length: 1 ¼ hours, services: 10 a day-direct or change at Poggibonsi), Montalcino (length: 1 ½ hours, services: 6 a day), Poggibonsi (length: 1 hour, services: up to 10 a day), Montepulciano (length: 1 ¾ hours), Colle di Val d’Elsa (length: 30 minutes, services: every hour). From all these places you can also get to Volterra.
Operated by SENA: (tel. 0577 28 32 03; www.sena.it). To/from Rome (length: 3 hours, services: 8 a day), Milan (length: 4 ¼ hours, services: 3 a day), Arezzo (length: 1 ½ hours, services: 7 a day).
City buses go from the train station to Piazza Gramsci ( nº 8, 9 or 10).

By car or motorcycle: to get to Florence you can drive along the SS2 (motorway) or the SS222 which run through the beautiful landscape.
In the town centre cars are prohibited. Towing and fining are common so take note!. There are car-parks at the Stadio Comunale, around the Fortezza Medicea, and at Il Campo, though it is still extremely difficult to find a free spot.

By train: To get to Rome you will have to change trains at Chiusi, or at Empoli if you are going to Florence. Trains call at Piazza F Rosselli in Siena.

By bicycle or motorbike: you can rent at Via dei Gazzani 16-18 (tel: 0577 28 83 87; www.perozzi.it) or at Via del Romitorio 5.

By taxi: tel. 0577 4092 22.

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