Tuscany Travel Guide

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Main Cities

Captured within the virtual pages of this travel guide is the land that the Tuscans call home. They are proud to share it with you. And so are we.

Tuscany, which, for centuries has fascinated holiday-makers from all over the world, including the rich and famous, offers a huge variety to enjoy: medieval, Gothic and Renaissance art and architecture, mountains with crisp peaks and rolling valleys, streets lined with outlets selling the latest fashions alongside artisan shops where you can purchase local specialty products.

In this guide we will travel to towns immersed in art and history such as the ravishing Florence, Lucca, Pisa and Siena, beautiful scenery carpeted with vineyards and olive groves as well as the intimate and captivating villages of Chianti.

Here travellers will find information on What to See and Do and advice on Where to Eat and Drink. We aim to help you make the most of your stay in a region which will enchant anyone lucky enough to visit.

In the Where to Eat section we have selected the most recommended trattorie (informal restaurants), high end, and family restaurants, so whatever atmosphere you´re looking for you can enjoy Tuscan dishes lovingly prepared with the prized fruits of the land.

Tuscan architecture is simply unrivalled. Blessed with the fortunes of many powerful families that generously left much of their wealth to embellishing Tuscany with its magnificent churches and palaces.

Central Tuscany is characterized by its hills and cypress trees, delectable wine and food, restorative thermal spas and historical abbeys. Here lies the now well-known San Gimignano, dubbed the “Medieval Manhattan,” and Siena with its stunning piazzas and buildings which have been painstakingly maintained in spite of the passing centuries and warfare. These are towns to which one should definitely dedicate a few days in order to fully take in their treasures.

The Settimana Musicale Senese, the Palio (twice a year in July and August) and the Siena Jazz are just some of the special events held in the summertime.

More festivals visistors might want to see are the Joust of the Saracen in Arezzo and the Joust of the Archidado in Cortona. At these celebrations people dress up in traditional attire from the Middle Ages for a fun atmosphere. Another kind of festival is the sagre, gastronomic celebrations themed on a particular food, which are also held in this region. 

As is often the case there are towns packed with people day in day out but there are still towns where you´ll find more elbow room! Eastern Tuscany is home to Casentino´s peaceful forested farming region and medieval towns like the walled Sansepolcro.

Tuscany´s scenic and architectural beauty has attracted film directors to the region too. “Life is beautiful” and “Under the Tuscan sun” were filmed in eastern Tuscany in Arezzo and Cortona.

In the How to Get to section visitors will find tips on the region´s transport network. Travelling becomes a pleasure in Tuscany. The cypresses, hills and colourful fields that accompany rails and roads, often shrouded in a fine mist or glowing in golden sunshine, add to the experience.

If you are looking for accommodation in Tuscany you can visit our two websites for both Villas in Tuscany and Villas in Italy and also our new website dedicated only to Tuscany Villas.

Tuscany is undoubtedly a region offering everything a traveller seeking an unforgettable holiday experience could want.